See below for the liveblogging. This was all done on a Blackberry, the Blackberry which will go on eBay as soon as I get my hands on a Smartphone…

  • Best line of the day: John Mayer saying “Apple makes your life better….it’s like the complete opposite of terrorism…”
  • Best guest star: Al Gore, for his voicemail message on Steve Jobs’ iPhone which slyly mentioned his global warming presentation.
  • Worst guest star: Stan Sigman, CEO of Cingular, for dryly reading a prepared speech from notecards, and totally losing the interest of the audience. Better to speak off the top of your head and keep it short.
  • Smartest guy in the room: The guy next to me, who bought 5000 shares of Apple stock when he saw the iPhone. The stock promptly went up 6 points, earning him $30,000.
  • Least smart guy in the room: That would have to be me, who spent time liveblogging on a Blackberry instead of buying and selling Apple shares on Etrade, which would have been far more profitable.
  • Best new feature: A real Safari web browser, so you don’t have to look at crippled web pages on your portable device anymore.
  • Worst new feature: The $499 price tag for the 4GB iPhone. Somehow I bet those phone and data plans that come with it from Cingular aren’t going to be the best deal going.
  • Verdict: I want the iPhone, but getting up early and killing the whole morning at the keynote isn’t the best use of time! 😉
Posted 11 years ago by John Piscitello

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