Spore is a highly anticipated video game from Will Wright, the creator of SimCity, The Sims, and other Sim-games. Brian Eno is creating the score for the game.

Spore will let players create microbes which evolve into interplanetary civilizations (check out the Flash intro at the official Spore site or the Google Video of a demo by Will Wright…it’s cool).

Eno’s score for Spore will reflect the algorithmic nature of Sim worlds, where simple rules give rise to complex, elegant systems. Eno is using software to generate ambient clips which plan to never repeat during your lifetime (much less during gameplay).

There’s a Brian Eno / Rob Wright podcast talking about all this at recent a Long Now Foundation seminar (down street here in San Francisco). Start 4 minutes 50 seconds in, where they start speaking.

Eno talks about the experience of “generating” the music from the bottom up, using simple rule-based models to explore ideas rather accidentally. “It’s making seeds rather than forests”, says Eno. He cites wind chimes as perhaps the simplest example of such a “generative” musical system.

WWMNA wrote about the event:

(Eno) went on to demonstrate a simple software called “The Shuffler” which he uses to create fragments for the soundtrack of Spore and which even with a simple combination of samples possibly would never create the same composition twice within a lifetime.

All rather opposite from traditional top-down method of having an idea in your head and sculpting it in the studio. I found it an interesting discussion for composers, they’re brilliant guys to listen to.

(Also you can check out some of Eno’s ambient albums here…)

Hat tip: Eno to generate Spore soundtrack – Joystiq

Posted 11 years ago by John Piscitello

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