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If you want to see an electronic musician drool, just tell him or her to read this from

FutureMusic :

The Graintable oscillators applies techniques as those used in granular sampling and pitch-shifting algorithms to synthesizer Wavetables. It opens up a whole world of new possibilities. Imagine bending any Wavetable far beyond what is sonically possible with common Wavetable synthesizers. It all happens in realtime and of course all parameters can be modulated in realtime as well.The formant-based oscillators work in a similar fashion, only with one crucial difference: the formants remain fixed as you play. This effectively turns the oscillator into a filterbank on steroids comprising up to 256 resonant bandpass filter poles, whereby the cutoff of each virtual pole is determined by the harmonics in the current Wavetable index.


Actually, the description is very tech-heavy, but it’s hot – the bottom line is “…it’s like turning a nice ambient patch into a dark, gritty sonic monster by only changing one continuously variable parameter.”

(I would have by now, but my brand-spankin’-new Virus Polar is in the shop getting a brain replacement…)

Posted 11 years ago by John Piscitello

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