Well it’s not quite like it’s a trend or anything…it’s just that Disney’s “High School Musical” has been such a big seller this year, according to Nielsen SoundScan. From Variety :

Disney’s “High School Musical” soundtrack was 2006’s top seller at 3.7 million units — the lowest total for the year’s chart-topper in the 15 years SoundScan has been keeping sales figures.

“High School Musical” is the first soundtrack to become the No. 1 album since “Titanic” sold 9.3 million copies in 2002, a feat that should have Disney — an indie in the recorded music field — smiling. But it should concern the rest of the business that no major label act could beat a TV soundtrack aimed at tweens.

I guess if you want to sell records you should go for the kid market. I guess we should expect more kid-friendly DVD musicals from Disney and Nickelodean this coming year.

Another notable stat is that digital music was 5.5% of all music sales in 2006 (though I’m moving back towards buying CDs, because I don’t like not having the backup media available…)

Posted 11 years ago by John Piscitello

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