From the WSJ, a story on Jerry Seinfeld trying to do something original for his new movie’s teaser trailers:

Mr. Seinfeld, who is writing and producing “Bee Movie,” and voicing the lead character, Barry Bee Benson, says he wanted the previews to cut through the clutter in a crowded Hollywood marketplace. “Who’s not tired of the usual trailers with all the excitement, loud music and quick cuts,” Mr. Seinfeld says. “They’re exhausting and annoying.”

He’s right. Though his point is about more than just the music, I’ve observed the musical language of trailers as narrow and stale of late.

One of the most common and well-worn motifs is the dark ambient beginning, followed by a few percussion shocks when the main plot is revealed, then an accelerating, crescendoing climax. It’s been great fun for years, but there must be other things marketers and composers can try, yes?

Bee Movie’s trailer definitely branches out, mainly by removing the music. Silence backs up a very awkward scene, not entirely unlike the comic style of “The Office”.

Then it’s off to the races with a very funny slapstick scene backed by a very traditional, big slapstick orchestral cue.

btw, IMDb lists Rupert Gregson-Williams as doing the score, he also scored “Over the Hedge”…

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One of my all-time favourite movie trailers is for Seinfeld's documentary Comedian.

It mocks everything movie trailers are about. You can watch it on YouTube.

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