TV Squad has a nice summary of a new Lost video podcast where Michael Giacchino gives a tour of the soundstage and the process for scoring Lost:

Lost video podcast recap

Of note is the orchestra instrumentation – 4 trombone players, strings, percussion, harp, piano. No woodwinds or higher brass. The choice of instrumentation can give a show its unique sound.

Also note that Giacchino composes for each scene before even watching the next one. This apparently is to give more of a “What the hell?” feeling to the music – he doesn’t know where things are going, so the music can give the audience even more of a feel of being jerked around.

Annoyingly, the video is not embeddable – not even directly linkable but you can find it here if you click “video”, then scroll over to LOST: Podcast: Michael Giacchino.

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You can download it through iTunes though...

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Thu Apr 12, 2007 at 10 pm

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