Tom Salta won an MTV Music Award for his score to the game G.R.A.W. I happen to like Tom’s music, he has a solo techno album under the name Atlas Plug, and music for the game Red Steel on iTunes (here’s a IGN review). Red Steel has a style that mixes Hollywood scoring, techno, and taiko (call it “taikno”, perhaps?).

Anyway, Tom’s doing a seminar in Boston this weekend about scoring video games. A big part of it is dealing with how your music needs to change with the action.

Here’s a mini preview, from a video of him on FragDolls:

“(in video games) the music has to adapt to what is going on…it could shorten, it could lengthen, it could go here, here, here…there’s a lot of technical considerations.”

Tom’s seminar “The Art, Craft, and Business of Scoring Video Games” is Saturday the 28th in Boston, you can register online.

Posted 11 years ago by John Piscitello

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