A heat-drenched landscape coughs up dust. A bulldozer belches exhaust. And a lazy blues guitar is heard strumming in the pounding heat.A worker climbs on the bulldozer’s gears, failing to realize his life is at risk…

Yes, it’s “Shake Hands with Danger”, an industrial safety film produced for Caterpillar from the 70s (via BoingBoing).

The music is inspired by the darkest of songs from the man in black, Johnny Cash. Lots of reverb, exposed blues melody lines, languid pauses between phrases – the perfect mood for working hard in the heat and losing two fingers because you weren’t careful.
Don’t miss it when the foreman says “What if he bumped that control by accident? You’d be mincemeat by now!” (Has anyone really said “mincemeat” since 1975?)

“Shake Hands with Danger
Meet a guy who ought to know
I used to laugh at safety
Now they call me…three-fingered Joe
Shake hands with danger
Find it anywhere you choose
Be careless for a moment
Spend a lifetime with the blues.”

Posted 11 years ago by John Piscitello

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