Film composers rely on a lot of sample libraries, with good reason. But you can’t really create the sound of a real piano with samples (it gets about as close as Diet Coke gets to Coke).

Then there’s the piano itself, and many will say there is no comparison to a Steinway.The Steinway company has had some ups and downs lately. Despite the cute stock symbol, there have been some union strikes, and they’re competing against cheaper overseas products. Most of all it’s just plain hard to find a growth market in $100,000 pianos. Steinway sales are down 7% this year, and they’re just barely making up the shortfall with their cheaper Essex pianos.

Maybe this “Making of Steinway L1037” documentary will turn things around. I’ve always heard that Steinway has an amazing, complicated production process, this film documents it.

While I’m sure it will show up on the Discovery Channel someday, if you live in New York you can catch it November 20th.


appear to be quite good….

Posted 11 years ago by John Piscitello

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