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Now Jobs is turning on the hype…he is looking back at the big products…the mac, the ipod, and promises 3 revolutionary products.

First..a widescreen ipod, second, a phone (crowd likes that) and the 3rd is…um…a communications device.

Ah..the joke is that it’s all in one – a single device. The crowd loves this…like a revival meeting…

Now there is a visual joke…a mockup of an ipod with an old fashioned rotary dial glued onto it..

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So the apple tv ships next month and its cheap…the crowd liked the demos but the energy is low…we are waiting for the big news…

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Ok the itv will be called apple tv…it will hold 50 hours of hi def, use all the common wifi standards, and will autosync with the itunes from one computer. So if you buy it, it will end up on the apple tv automatically.

You can also stream from a laptop, up to 5 of them. You can stream live from as well…so now we’re wacthing a trailer for “the good shepherd”…

And yes the iphoto stuff can stream there too.

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9:36 Ok so they play itunes on the tv…the album cover art on the screen thankfully moves to avoid burn in…they also do the corny slideshows from iphoto…

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9:25 now showing new ipod ads, nothing exciting
9:20 announced paramount will sell movies on itunes…goofed a bit on the press coverage of slowing itunes sales, showed a graph which said it is exploding…they are now selling more music than amazon..
9:18 ok there is a new mac ad making fun of vista…the pc guy is in a hospital gown about to go into major surgery…crowd loves….

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I notice jobs repeats his key themes over and over throughout the keynote…”We are reinventing the phone.”

We are now seeing the Bluetooth headset…

Now he is repeating the features he showed during the talk…

People are applauding the 200 patents apple has filed…

“Its like having you life in your pocket.”

And the price? My guess is $249…nope! $499 for a 4gig, the cost of a nano and a smartphone today…and its $599 for an 8gig version…and it won’t ship until June.
They will be exclusive with Cingular in the US…jobs says close collaboration with the network is needed for features like the visual voicemail.
Here comes the CEO of Cingular…Stan Sigman…who by the way has a real midwest accent. Oh yuck..Cingular is part of at&t…I forgot about that. And he’s using notecards for this talk – not extemporaneous like schmidt and yang…the crowd is deflating here a bit, waiting to get through it.

Really this is a missed opportunity for Cingular – shorter, more informal comments would work better here. People are cracking up here and there – they started trying to applaud early to end the talk…

But Steve Jobs is smooth as silk as he retakes the podium and compliments Cingular…

One interesting point: “this is not an mvno”. It’s a partnership…

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….It’s past 9am and this enormous crowd is still lined up waiting to be led in…rehearsals must be taking too long, someone here is saying…demo problems? We’ll have to see…

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…she was been the co-music supervisor for Ugly Betty, Being John Malkovich, and Notting Hill…via AP /Broadcast Newsroom …here’s her IMDb page

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Well, since I’m attending a seminar at Macworld to get up to speed on Logic Audio, I decided to drop by for the Steve Jobs keynote tomorrow morning. I’ll be heading out real early to get a seat and will bring my laptop and try to liveblog it….

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The New York Times has a piece on Hitchcock and music, based on a new book by Jack Sullivan called, um, “Hitchcock’s Music” (Jack Sullivan has edited an encyclopedia on the horror genre, by the way, which is here).
Anyway, his new book covers Hitchcock’s personal faith in music as art, and how music plays a big role in the plots of his films. From the NY Times article:

…he examines Hitchcock’s meticulous notes about film scores, pays attention to every casual calliope tune and chronicles the director’s arguments with studios and fallings out with composers.

Sounds interesting if you want to read up on the relationships between directors and their composers:

The composer Bernard Herrmann, for example, who created the scores for “Psycho,” “North by Northwest” and some of Hitchcock’s other masterpieces, said there were only “a handful of directors like Hitchcock who really know the score and fully realize the importance of its relationship to a film.”

So the shocker in the article is Hitchcock didn’t want music in the Psycho shower scene! Hermann had to convince him to keep it in.

I wonder how that shower stabbing scene would have been without music? Try playing this YouTube clip with the sound off and see:

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