There’s a Tron remake in the works. I didn’t understand the original’s plot one bit, but I remember loving the lightbikes.

The scene is remarkable. Despite having primitive CGI, it’s perfectly exciting. I suppose directors could tell you why the scene is such good movie making. As far as I can tell there’s plenty of speed and tension, the rules of the scene are internally consistent, and the action is clear.

Against visual mayhem of the latest blockbusters, the scene is an unblinking stare. It pierces, something like how punk broke through after too many years of classic rock and disco.

The scene’s sound editing really makes it work. Notice the low-frequency wind-against-the-microphone sound when there is a closeup of a bike wheel. Or the whooshing heard during the hairpin turns in the maze. And each bike has its own engine sound.

It seems the original Tron writer/director is a producer on the reboot. That bodes well for fans of the classic…I hope they keep those evil arch-gate thingys and the killer frisbees!

Posted 9 years ago by John Piscitello

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