Of the John Williams Harry Potter scores, he seems to like Prisoner of Azkhaban best:

I started by listening to a lot of the John Williams score, particularly from the third movie, “Prisoner of Azkaban,” which I loved and I suppose is closest to what I was trying to do. I used some of his themes, particularly his Hedwig theme. After that, we all decided that it was best if I moved into my own way of composing rather than trying to emulate John Williams, which is impossible. I did a different kind of score for “Half-Blood Prince,” really. It was simpler, the way I write music is simpler.

Well it’s not a Harry Potter score if you don’t have Hedwig’s Theme. Which, by the way, is finding itself onto more and more concert performances:

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You've gotta love community bands.

Despite the obvious problems, they're all there because they -want- to be.

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