One panel at GameSoundCon discussed how testers of a major racing game were playing on a new build. The controls were so improved in the new version that their race times were down by 2 seconds.

The testers asked the developers – did they implement new engine control in the game? They hadn’t. The only change that day was a set of new sound files.

Greater sound realism improved the players’ driving.
So there’s a big benefit to accurate-sounding cars. Let’s say you have 50 cars in a game and want to simulate 24 different courses and road conditions. Combinatorially, you can’t take all the cars out onto all those roads. So the trick is to combine isolated engine sounds with isolate road sounds.

Enter the Tesla. The electric engine’s so quiet, it won’t interfere with clean recording of screeching tires and air rushes. So gaming sound engineers are all over these toys.

CrunchGear has an article, with photos.

Posted 9 years ago by John Piscitello

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