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Since everyone’s claiming to have written Viva La Vida, why not get some more people into the act? There is a striking similarity to the opening of Star Trek and the opening of Mahler’s Titan Symphony.

Could Mahler be the secret author of the Star Trek theme???

Listen to the first 20 seconds of Star Trek: TNG:

and the first 30 seconds of Mahler:

Here is the theme again, this time from the original Star Trek series:

Here is an interview of Alexander Courage about writing the theme – he mentions a radio tune by Richard Whiting as an influence, but not Mahler.

The interview has an interesting bit in the final minute about how they recorded the sound effect for the Enterprise whooshing by in space….

(Another blogger Superconductor spotted this some time ago, also noting that the fanfare is a quote from Mahler’s 7th…)

Posted 9 years ago by John Piscitello

The montage for the Best Score was done well – it’s nice to get a decent listen to the music before the award is given out.

After all that controversy over the Dark Knight (which wasn’t even nominated), A.R Rahman won both Best Song and Best Score.

My choice for the score would have been Thomas Newman for Wall*E. I thought he gave the story grace.

Slumdog Millionaire certainly appeared to the favorite before the show. It certainly has the most entertaining and original score. I thought folks voting would be discounted somewhat for musical simplicity and a bit of a soundtrack-like approach, but it was Slumdog’s and ARRahman’s night.

Posted 9 years ago by John Piscitello

What do you do when you have to play Copland outdoors in 20-degree weather, moments before the inauguration of a new president?Well lip-sync it of course!

Silly me, twittering “wow those guys are good!” while they performed. From the NY Times:

“I really wanted to do something that was absolutely physically and emotionally and, timing-wise, genuine,” Mr. Ma said. “We also knew we couldn’t have any technical or instrumental malfunction on that occasion. A broken string was not an option. It was wicked cold.”

Granted. But couldn’t they put up a mini-tent with outdoor heaters to solve the problem?

It’s reminiscent of the mini-controversy of the little girl at the Olympics, though at least the Inaugural players on stage were the same as those on the hard drive. (Here’s the performance…)

Still, I feel a bit deflated. We sacrifice real artistry for a safe, no-risk, faux performance. Where is the danger, the thrill? Wouldn’t the audience be far more astounded knowing these guys have to not screw up in front of tens of millions?

And a lot good it did them. Right after they finished, Chief Justice Roberts and President Obama managed to mangle their lines.

Guess they’ll be lip-syncing the Presidential oath of office next time.

Posted 9 years ago by John Piscitello