The Amazon blog Armchair Commentary comments on film score music in the figure skating competition:

Last night’s pairs figure skating competition had a lot of people going “Where HAVE I heard that song before?” particularly during Amanda Evora and Mark Ladwig‘s short routine, set to the “Portuguese Love Theme” from Love Actually. (Ironically, this piece of music, which is used on 1 out of 5 romantic film trailers and in Oscar montages, is not actually on the soundtrack, nor available for purchase as a track. Grrrr.)

Actually, I managed to find Portguese Love Theme this online. It’s true: itunes has only a 5-song version of the soundtrack, and Amazon US has a 17-song version. However the UK version (available on Amazon UK) has 20 tracks, including the Craig Armstrong Portugese Love Theme.

And then there’s YouTube:

This piece is now 7 years old, but it perfectly expresses the film culture. The music is straightforward, and it over the course of 3 minutes it really builds to a climax. Kind of like the best pop songs when you think about it.

Posted 8 years ago by John Piscitello

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