Post-production is still wrapping up, but Contractor’s Routine will show at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival on April 17th. Saturday night, 9pm. The director Yuri Tsapayev plus cast and crew will be attending.

Cinesource has an interview of Yuri about the film.

Shot and produced almost entirely in San Francisco, the film follows a carpenter Jacob Borchevsky struggling to tamp down his psychological turmoil – personified in his mentoring alter-ego Esau – before it explodes into irreparable cataclysm. Tsapayev, who wrote, directed, and produced the debut indie is presenting his film – still without distribution – throughout the festival circuit. With impressive acting performances and skillful direction talent, the film is an obvious choice to be picked up by a leading indie distributor.

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Posted 8 years ago by John Piscitello

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