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A Danny Elfman interview on Alice and Wonderland. There’s a great nugget on  why he doesn’t start composing based on a script:

And what I discovered over the years is that every time I started early and wrote music , none of it ever survived, not a note, when I actually saw the movie. Because what I came to understand is that there’s so many ways to shoot the same script.

Music critic Jay Nordlinger on Samuel Barber, “A Romantic in a 12-Tone World“. Atonal music has been very fashionable for a very long time, but I see it as a long-outdated form of futurism. Like flying cars, or everyone wearing aluminum suits. If you agree, you’ll like the article. Nordlinger writes:

I called Barber “great.” Great like Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven? No, of course not. But if we are more liberal in our attribution of greatness – yes, indeed.

And some guy is claiming to have produced a soundtrack to an abandoned Tron sequel called “Rise of the Virals. If nothing else, the album cover looks cool. The composer has been kind of to post come cues here. There appears to be some debate as to how true this is. I think the lead sound on track #1 sounds kinda Dark Side of the Moon-ish to me.

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