Contractor’s Routine had its screening at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival. I went with director Yuri Tsapayev, editor Luke Rocheleau, and gaffer Andrew Ganzon. We saw movies, met other filmmakers, and ate plenty of buffalo wings. (which by the way really are better in Buffalo – crispy, without being dry. Best place to get them as far as I could tell is Anchor Bar on Main).

Jared Mobarak is a film review blogger – it seems like he reviews everything. His reviews are well-written. He’s been blogging the BNFF films the past couple of years. He’s got a post wrapping up the festival – and making a good case for the value of smaller film festivals which aren’t dominated by major releases. Dig into his reviews as well, especially Christina

, which won for Best Film.

He also posted a very positive review (10/10!) of Contractor’s Routine. I’ve been a little concerned that the film’s narrative would prove elusive in its current form, but his review simply got it. If you’re reading this and the film has made it to a San Francisco screening, I recommend reading his review before you go see it.

One last wrap up – the team filmed some audience reactions to the film, they’re on the Contractor’s Routine Facebook page.

Posted 8 years ago by John Piscitello

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