Contractor’s Routine is premiering tomorrow (Saturday) in Buffalo.

There has been some coverage in the local press. There is a mini-review here:

Crisply photographed on well-chosen San Francisco locations and sharply edited, this engrossing first feature by Russian immigrant Yuri Tsapayev makes up in visual appeal what it occasionally (and I assume intentionally) lacks in narrative clarity…

Well, I once saw the DVD commentary say the same thing about Tarkovsky.

More here about the festival. Scan down for a couple more tidbits about the film.

Finally, here is a teaser trailer:

The music here is actually pretty closely related to the music I wrote for the film. Only here in the trailer I’m trying my best to go from absolute zero to complete thermonuclear destruction within 60 seconds. The film itself, intensity like this only comes in brief dramatic bursts.

Posted 8 years ago by John Piscitello

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