I’ve been doing some work on a trailer, and it led to me doing some work on dialogue editing. This was basically getting the dozen or so lines from the movie that appear in the trailer to sound like they match each other. This can entail a lot of processing and editing. After playing with Izotope cleanup tools, I decided to see if I could clean up a recent recording.

At the EAMA 2010 program in Paris the chorale performed my Kyrie choral piece. We didn’t have a pro recording setup at the concert, so I came away with a recording from a $250 handheld digital recorder. The recording has hiss, low levels, audience noise, page turns, keys shaking, and the microphone gets battered a few times.

Removing background noises is the trickiest part, and is definitely a task for the patient, and experienced. ¬†Still, it’s not hard to make a bad recording quite listenable (though it will never get to the level of a professional recording).

Here are the results.

A short phrase from the Kyrie –¬†before cleanup.
The same short phrase from the Kyrie –

after cleanup.

You can hear that I made good progress on hiss and levels, but this section had a few background noises that I wasn’t able to fully mitigate.

Here’s the complete Kyrie. I’ll have to get this performed again and get a nice recording.

Posted 8 years ago by John Piscitello

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