I’ve done music for “The Slap” by Bay Area writer-director Jamie Campbell. A governor gets caught in a sex scandal. It involves a mistress, a hotel room, a hidden camera, and a slap. Think of it as Patton meets Desperate Housewives.The short manages several twists and surprises in its 9-minute running time. And we even had time for a couple of soundtrack cuts from Andy Allo, who provided music to get the governor and his mistress, ahem, into the mood. But seriously, she’s got great stuff, check her out.

Here’s a sample of music from The Slap, 3 back-to-back cues which open the film.

We start with “breaking news” scandal music, which ends with the actual slap sound effect used in the film.

Next we segue to a political event where the Governor is speechifying. For his political image, I give the Governor a stately chorale of strings and horns.

The third part is when the Governor starts scanning the audience for beautiful women. The music is  meant for a lovable rogue, using lots of small percussion to suggest the Governor’s mind is tingling as wheels are turning in his head.

Say hello if you make it to the Scary Cow screening (starts at 3pm, by the way. 2 hours of movies, then a dinner break, then 2 more hours of movies, then a party).

Til then, here are some Desperate Housewives slaps (am I crazy, or do they use the exact same sound effect for every one of these scenes???)

And here’s the Patton slap:

Posted 8 years ago by John Piscitello

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