Tron:Legacy seems to have composers buzzing about the Daft Punk score. Hearing pulsating electronic music in a movie can be refreshing for folks who don’t hear a lot of music with synths.

On the other hand, composers also spend a lot of time talking about the latest string sample libraries, like Hollywood Strings, and LA Scoring Strings. The whole point of the discussion is how to sound as much like live players as possible when scoring a film on your computer.

I bring this up because I was just listening to a recording on which I played electric bass. It’s called “Tribal”, by guitarist Tommy Osuna. Buddy Miles played drums. This is the kind of recording session where words like “foul” and “stenching” are used as co-congratulations.

If you take a listen – the big thing I was doing on this track was sliding in and out of nearly every phrase I played on bass. Not something that would be easy to play on a Rock Band controller.

Click to play Tribal by Tommy Osuna.

Posted 7 years ago by John Piscitello

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