This demo is really two different pieces. The first tells a complete story in sixty seconds – a daredevil botches his stunt in front of a huge crowd.

The second part sets a mood. It’s a classic “six months later”moment – the star is out of the game, sitting at home depressed and unable to complete.
First the tech: this is recorded entirely digitally – everything was done on my studio computers. I’m primarily using LASS, East West, VSL, and Cinesamples. I did the mix in Digital Performer with a few Waves plugins. The reverb is MOTU’s ProVerb using LASS’s impulses. Like everyone else, I ran the virtual instruments in Bidule since DP hasn’t released a 64-bit version quite yet.
The style: One filmmaker who heard it described it as “very Disney”. That wasn’t exactly a complement, but then I would describe it as “old-school”. This demo is about orchestration: no synths, no guitars, no beats. If we brought this to an orchestra, we’d want the players to nail it in one take.
I’d love to bore you all with a blow-by-blow of how I wrote this and way, but suffice to say, I’m using tools of the trade to invoke different mood. If you like this demo, let me know.


Posted 7 years ago by John Piscitello

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