Here’s a cue from “The Slap”, a political comedy written and directed by Jamie Campbell for the Scary Cow Film Festival in San Francisco.

The story: a cheating governor finds himself in the midst of a sex scandal involving a hidden camera and a slap. It’s Patton meets, er, The Big Lewinsky. The  twist: the whole thing is a honeytrap was set by his wife.

The demo is two cues segued together. “Man of the Year” underscores the governor accepting an award in DC. “A Wandering Eye” starts when he relaxes and scans the crowd for beautiful ladies.

For “Man of the Year”, I wrote a string-and-brass chorale worthy of a serious public servant. Then when the governor behaves like a cad, we hear ticki-ticki percussion and sly bass with a restrained island vibe – suggesting the hedonism that lies beneath the guy’s public character.

The stills are shots from the film – one in the midst of a cable news scandal, the other when negotiating his way out of the crisis with his wife.

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Posted 7 years ago by John Piscitello

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