I recently scored a short “Sati Shaves Her Head”, a South Asian retelling of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story Bernice Bobs Her Hair. The film is done and the producers (Amar and Tejal Shah) are having a screening here in LA at the end of August. I wrote about the film a few months ago when the project was getting rolling.

What I like about the project is that the Fitzgerald story is basically the original Mean Girls. The story is about Sati who comes from India to spend the summer visiting her cousin Nikki in Beverly Hills. Let’s just say, Sati isn’t quite ready for the Beverly Hills social scene, but picks it up in a hurry. Then things kind of go off the rails.

A few things about the music:

– We licensed a bunch of tracks for the party scenes. For a daytime party we chose reggae music, and I’m a big fan of the band Dub Station from my Boston days. They are represented by KRucial Reggae (the KR stands for Kyle Russell, who runs it, and as a bassist, I can tell you, he’s a serious reggae bassist). We licensed Duchess (a rap / reggae mashup) and Come Tell Me (of which the director Tejal Shah said “it makes me feel like I’m on vacation”).

– For nighttime party scenes I found Temple Music Group in San Francisco, a bunch of folks I wish I’d known when I still lived there. For licensing purposes, their tracks stand out, some are very bleeding edge and innovative. They’re on SoundCloud (we licensed two tracks from them, including Feenin’ on that page).

– Amar Shah the producer is a fan of Andy Matchett and the Minks from his Orlando days. They remind me of the best of the Wallflowers. We used their song “All This Time” on the end credits. If you’re in the Orlando area, check them out, they play out often.

– And yes, I did a bunch of music as well. Really had fun with this. The music is light, percussive, and combines South Asian instruments with lots of percussion, strings, guitars. I’ll post some demos very soon.

A few spots to check out if you want to preview the film:

– There is a great set of stills from the set by Matthiu Grospiron.

– The film has a web site and Facebook page.

– I spent a lot of time watching scenes of the cast this film, and it looked to me like everyone was having fun. I especially enjoyed Hannah Simone,

Sonal Shah, and Joey Sinko.

– Finally, here is a clip, where we go from source music to original music and back again.

Posted 7 years ago by John Piscitello

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