This month I’m starting the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television (SMPTV) program at USC. Check out the curriculum

and the program director Brian King’s description overview.

A few points about the next 9 months as a USC student:

    • My wife and I have been in LA for about a year now, but I’ve never had to commute. Now I’ll be going from PCH to downtown 4 days a week. To be more productive during the drive, I’ve got my eye on these Google robot cars. I can write music, practice some guitar, and prepare parts while the robot car handles traffic. Get on that, Google!
  • Does a single year at USC in a certificate program qualify one to be a Trojan football fan? On one hand, my undergrad was MIT, so I never had a college football team to root for. On the other hand, I’ll be busy every Saturday this fall, so I won’t make any games. HOWEVER. I grew up in New York with season tickets to the Jets. And the Jets’ quarterback is Mark Sanchez, who went 12-1 and won the Rose Bowl at USC in 2008. I think the Sanchez connection puts me over the top, so now I officially have a college football team to root for.

As far as life at USC goes, here’s a great Quora answer on What is USC like for film school?

And for a video, I can’t embed it, but here’s a cue for the film Polar Express by student Juan Otarola last year.

Posted 7 years ago by John Piscitello

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