This LA Times article about the tuba is worth noting:

In 2007, as demand for tubas was beginning to grow, Tucker persuaded half a dozen of the region’s best banda players to insist on $80 an hour, up from $50.
“A lot of band leaders didn’t like it,” he said. But they paid it. Banda tuba players now earn more than $100 an hour.
With wages like that, players began leaving their groups to freelance  because they can get more gigs. Playing with different bandas enriched them as musicians, raising the talent bar.

$100 an hour? That’s a serious renaissance. And let’s remember Jimmy Fallon’s show has The Roots, which features a tuba instead of a bass player.

More here.

And here is a version of Mi Gusto Es:

Posted 6 years ago by John Piscitello

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