I recorded a piece for a large orchestra at the Warner Brothers stage. This was written to a scene from The Legend of Neil (the climactic hand-to-hand battle, which inspired he title of this piece, “Let’s Go Man to Beast, No Weapons, No Magic”). I can’t share the video with you unfortunately.

I wanted to score a big action scene, and the great thing about hand-to-hand combat is that it’s very dramatic, you can score it big, there is a lot to synchronize the music to, and it can be shot cheaply. You don’t have to trash any cars or spend a lot on CGI.

This scene is mixed with a lot of comic lines, so when you hear pauses or changes in the instrumentation, more likely than not, I’m simply getting out of the way of dialogue that the audience¬†wants to hear.

A couple of impressions from my first time on a large stage. From the podium, the percussionists are way, way far in the back. There is a real sense of distance. I found that surprising, but you also realize that percussion sounds great when it’s far away.

Also, the particular sound of this piece cannot be achieved on a small stage. I wanted sections of this tobe a little brutal and primal, and the particular mix of percussion and orchestra to get this sound needed to be just right. The big room really makes all the difference.

Posted 6 years ago by John Piscitello

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