I agree our culture is too loud. Our mobile phones certainly don’t help – you have to raise your voice to be heard on the other end, and earbuds inure us to overloud volumes. I pity this guy:

A year ago, I thought it a brilliant purchase. Especially since a charming, creek-side writer’s cottage was grandfathered into the property…resplendent with trees, meadows and wildflowers.

But then came the insidious waves of hikers and mountain bikers and their incessant, loud chitchat augmented by shouts of encouragement, bike bells and . . . singing.

It started to grate on me. I could not write. Apparently, my next-door neighbor was having a similar problem. The same cadres of von-Trapp-family hikers clomping on the periphery of his lot were also driving him and his dog nuts. Since the hiking trails were not technically on our properties, it seemed there was nothing we could do to stem the tide of annoyingly happy campers.

We should all try and be low talkers.

Posted 5 years ago by John Piscitello

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