Based on the Arts Technica Yosemite review (and the fact that I just wrapped up a project on Thursday), I’m tempted to go ahead and install it. I recently tried a Mavericks install, but a failing system drive meant I had to fall back to Mountain Lion.

The Avid Pro Tools Community seems to think Yosemite is running OK, though there is some concern about Waves License Center.

The Arts Technica review is 24 pages, but still is as succinct an overview of a new Mac OS as one could expect. What is fascinating is the criticism about the translucency that is all over Yosemite:


Mac OS X Yosemite Safari tabs

Translucency in Mac OS X Yosemite


Still, my favorite quote is this one:

For the most part, a new look for an operating system doesn’t need to justify itself. It’s fashion. We all want something new every once in a while. It just needs to look good. But things start to get complicated when fashion butts heads with usability—then we want reasons.


Though I’ve tiptoed around it thus far, the friction point in Yosemite’s new visual design is its pervasive use of transparency. (Technically, “translucency” is more accurate, but please indulge my idiomatic usage.) Allowing what’s behind to influence the appearance of what’s in front is problematic in a couple of ways. From a purely aesthetic perspective, transparency is unpredictable. Designers can decide which aspects of the background will influence the foreground image, but they can’t control the content of that background. Will its contribution make the final image more pleasing, or will things turn ugly?


Posted 4 years ago by John Piscitello

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