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A Very Special Episode of CSI (Grissom Leaves CSI) deserves a Very Special Promo Song…Damien Rice, 9 Crimes. Here’s a video of him and Lisa Flanagan performing it on The Tonight Show…

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The Jets-Raiders game just played a 10-second excerpt from Trevor Rabin’s National Treasure soundtrack (look for “The Chase” down the page….by the way I like it a lot more than that reviewer does)…

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While music catalogs have endless supplies of cues available to music supervisors, a show looking to stand out will look for vocals (presumably during montages and not under dialogue). From the Boston Herald:

“My mailbox is stuffed with 400-plus submissions a week, but I still go looking for songs, too,” said Alex Patsavas, music supervisor for both “The O.C.” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” “While there’s plenty of instrumental material around to fit almost any scene, it’s become a powerful creative choice to have vocals that somehow comment on the story line.”


It’s interesting that a music supervisor *only* gets 400 email submissions a week. As for the submitters’ chances, it probably matters who is doing the emailing. Still, 1 in 400 is not a bad shot, more unknown acts ought to try.

The story goes to talk about unknown, some even unsigned acts that have gotten onto shows – my favorite is probably The 88 (though I’ve never seen How I Met Your Mother, the show that featured them).

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There’s been some discussion about the EOLing of the Google SOAP APIs. I worked as the SOAP APIs product manager in 2002, with Nelson Minar and another Google engineer (both of whom did a great job on many Google projects while I was there).
Some blogs have criticized the move, but I wasn’t surprised. The SOAP APIs were very experimental when launched. They were never “finished”, but they served as a useful prototype for other APIs Google has created. If I were still at Google recommending products whose time had come to be EOL’d, the SOAP APIs would be on the list.

While the SOAP user base was steady, the product never exploded with demand. It’s somehow too complicated for the “long tail” of web designers (which the AJAX Search API seems to serve better), yet too limited for serious development.
Meanwhile, Amazon’s S3 seems to be taking the next step into a real business model for Web services. Dave Winer is right that there are opportunities here for other companies like Amazon. And entrepreneurs, too.

I agree Google’s EOL notice itself seemed abrupt. An accompanying blog post the day it was announced would have softened the impression (I see Google put something out today).

On the other hand, turning off new keys probably needed to happen without pre-announcement, lest a blogswarm lead to clever hackers registering 1 million API keys and selling them on eBay (or something similarly random).

However there’s no good way to EOL a product people are using – criticism was inevitable. Hopefully newer and better things will come.

What I’ll miss most? The cute little graphic of a robot searching with Google that was made for the launch.

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Actually David Byrne collaborated with Ryuichi Sakamoto on The Last Emperor, the main theme of which is *real* nice solo piano theme (think of a Japanese-virtuoso-version-of-George-Winston ). Here’s a live performance of it on YouTube, the studio audience in the video loves it:

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David Byrne (of Talking Heads and The Last Emperor fame) is contributing theme music for a Wired Magazine TV show pilot on PBS. From the press release:

WIRED SCIENCE brings Wired magazine’s cutting-edge vision, stylish design and irreverent attitude to the screen with breakout ideas, recent discoveries and the latest innovations.

WIRED SCIENCE is a co-production of KCET/Los Angeles, the West Coast flagship station of PBS, and Wired, the pre-eminent science and technology magazine. WIRED SCIENCE is a production of executive producer Tod Mesirow (“MythBusters,” “Monster Garage”), senior producer David Axelrod (Emmy winner for the NOVA special “Galileo’s Battle for the Heavens”) and production designer Grant Major (Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong). David Byrne, Grammy- and Oscar-winning composer (The Last Emperor) and co-founder of the Talking Heads, produced the theme music for the show.

No word on who’s scoring the rest of it…however they say they will be covering NASA’s extreme underwater astronaut training program NEEMO. Maybe the music for that will sound like this.

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The Golden Globe Nominations are out today, here are the noms for original score (I’ve added in past films for the nominees).

The Painted Veil
Composed by Alexandre Desplat (Syriana)

The Fountain
Composed by Clint Mansell (Doom, Sahara)

Composed by Gustavo Santaolalla (Brokeback Mountain)

Composed by Carlo Siliotto (The Punisher)

The Da Vinci Code
Composed by Hans Zimmer (Gladiator, Black Rain, and also did you know he was in the Buggles, the band that did “Video Killed the Radio Star”, the first video ever aired on MTV?

The only one I’ve seen is Da Vinci Code, of course.

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