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John Williams has been doing some concerts around the country, conducting orchestras playing a suite of his film music. He did an interview for a Columbus Ohio arts paper (“The Other Paper“) and the interview has some interesting nuggets.

On being introduced to George Lucas:

How did your partnership with Steven Spielberg begin?

I’d been working at Universal Studios for about six or seven years in the television department. An executive rang me up and said, “I’d like you to have lunch with this kid. We think he’s very talented. He’s got a picture called The Sugarland Express that he did with Goldie Hawn, and we think it’s brilliant—brilliantly edited, in particular. Would you like to meet him?”

So I met him. He was really a youngster at that time, only about 23 years old. But he invited me to do that film, which I did, and we’ve been together 35 years now.

After The Sugarland Express, did he say that he wanted you to be his composer for life? When did that arrangement become clear to the both of you?

It still hasn’t. (Laughs.)

Many successful film composers basically rose together with successful directors. Young directors should be on the lookout for a composer to become part of the “team”, a big part of the success is the ability the work together and trust each other.

For more about what movies John Williams likes, and progress on the new Indiana Jones score,

read the whole thing.

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