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Did anyone else notice the music in the McCain biographical video sounded suspiciously like the theme song from “Dallas”? Is this a subliminal cue that McCain will drill here, drill now??

Here’s the McCain video:

And here’s Dallas:

Take out the rhythm section and they’re close cousins!

I promised to review the McCain bio video’s music, here is a late review:

  • The music had an orchestral score done with electronic samples instead of real musicians. Using a “fauxchestra” can work, but it’s very, very difficult, and a lot of music simply can’t be pulled off convincingly (I’ve tried! It’s hard!). The video’s music wasn’t nearly up to broadcast quality.
  • While the Republicans had a good convention, I thought they were shaking hands with danger, if you will, with the budget music production. Between that and the brief green screen behind McCain, I was wondering if the production values were going to go off the rails completely.
  • The war stories – especially the sequence with the fire on the navy ship – were dramatic. The music in this section featured a sampled male choir. Good composing, but that choir was verrry fake. Distracting. Should’ve gotten a real choir.
  • But… McCain’s had a bounce in the polls, it seems that “good enough” music was plenty good enough!

Still, if I had to vote solely on the quality of the music in the candidates’ biographical videos, I’d have to give it to Obama. 😉

Posted 10 years ago by John Piscitello