Good for everyone: the academy, the composers, and the audiences.

Sounds like Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard had to do some real work to change some minds. Key quote:

“My basic argument was–composers are honest human beings,” (Zimmer) told me. “If we’re telling you that we, and we alone, wrote the score, why don’t you believe us? We were very candid. We said, ‘Why would we lie? And if you don’t believe us, go ask Chris Nolan, the film’s director. He saw who did the work.’ “

Even at the top level, composers can’t get by only on their music. You can’t escape needing good people skills and the ability to deal with conflict.

Now…who will get nominated?

Here’s the end credits music. Even without the context of the film, I think the music is very much in touch with the times.

Posted 10 years ago by John Piscitello

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