It really struck me the world could use a dead-easy audio hosting site. Just like YouTube, but without the video window. Bands would love it to embed players on their own sites. There are options out there, like Wimpy Player, but they are a little complicated and you need to spend money on a web designer to set it up.

I searched “YouTube for Audio” and came up with Houndbite. Not a bad name. It seems to work, but couldn’t they maybe include a volume control on their player? That’s a show-stopper.

Here are a couple of versions of a podshow theme I made for a friend…a short version with vocals, and a longer guitars-only version.

It would also be nice if the player showed the text and title of the track, without so much of their own branding on there. Also, the graphics on my monitor look a little smudgy. But, on the other hand, it does seem to work!

Do you know of any other alternatives for simple audio hosting and embedding?

Posted 9 years ago by John Piscitello

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