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Dixie Dynamite has another screening coming up, this on is in El Paso, Saturday night, Jan 14th, at UTEP. This is the closing film of the Binational Independent Film Festival. The director Bob Clark

will be there to discuss the film with the audience.
I liked this excerpt from the article:

Festival director Cesar Alejandro, who hired Clark as director of photography for his 2005 low-budget film “Juárez: Stages of Fear,” has been trying to get Clark in the festival for years.
Alejandro said “Dixie Dynamite” is a perfect example of the eclectic and very independent nature of his festival. He thinks the movie, with its unusual animation and offbeat story and music, will be a hit here and elsewhere.

“We’re lucky to find some jewels sometimes,” Alejandro said, noting that a couple of previous festival entries have gone on to win Academy Awards.

That would work for me. 😉

Posted 9 years ago by John Piscitello