Monthly Archives: December 2010

2010 was eventful. After spending the summer in Paris at the EAMA Composition program, my wife Aliona and I moved to Los Angeles. We bought and renovated a home and got ready for the birth of our son Aleksandr in September.
Everyone is doing great, but the new house and baby have kept us plenty busy. It’s a good busy, though.

Part of the work on the house included construction of a proper recording and mixing space. Let’s call it “Surfview Studios” (Ok, so you can’t actually view the surf from the studio, but hey, that’s the name of the street we live on, so why not?)

Anyway, the room is sound-proofed room with double walls, doors, and windows. Credit goes to Jay Kaufman, who designed the space to fit in the existing single-story home’s footprint, and we’ve come up with a great result so far. We’ve got a little bit of wiring and acoustical tuning work left to do on the room still, but we’re getting there. I’m up and running composing, making mockups, and doing digital productions plus some direct line recording.

Soon we’ll be able to record a full drum kit and small ensembles in the studio, and mix in surround. For now I’m continuing to expand the digital sample libraries and computing horsepower.

When the project is done I’ll try and get some photos up onto the site.

Posted 8 years ago by John Piscitello