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In December I wrapped up the first of two semesters at the USC Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program (SMPTV). The final recording session was for string orchestra.

Working only with strings is like painting with a limited set of colors. On one hand that seems limiting, but on the other hand they blend so well you get a sound with lot of purity. Since I was writing to the opening funeral scene of The Village, I figured to use that pure sound to suggest fait, prayer, and the church.

The Village is about some very seriously damaged people, so the music also needs to set up themes of deep personal loss and the guilt and pain that go with that.

I asked the players to play with their mutes; this makes the strings sound less bright and a bit far-off, but they’re not really any quieter, and we got a nice fortissimo sound at the session. Also, this piece happens to be very easy to sight read and play; we got the take in just six minutes.

 Here Lies Daniel, 1890-1897 by jpiscitello

Posted 7 years ago by John Piscitello