Varese Sarabande released my soundtrack for No Place On Earth. Here is a sampling of the reviews it received.
John Piscitello’s emotional score resonates very deeply. The beauty of the approach and exploration of this powerful story make the emotions hit big.

Film Music Media (5/5 stars):

John Piscitello’s score is a masterpiece and for this to come from a composer who is practically getting started is just awe inspiring….This is a score that has true meaning and a real exploration of the human condition behind it. It’s a must listen and an exemplary score that represents the power and meaning of film music.

Film Score Monthly (4/5 stars):

The score is by relative newcomer John Piscitello, who crafts a gorgeous work for strings supported by flutes, horns, harp and piano….The surprising No Place on Earth is a fine score with engaging thematic writing, and the use of a real orchestra lends this documentary feature the kind of depth not often present in this genre.

John Piscitello’s first soundtrack release is an auspicious showcase of his skills in writing themes and dramatic variations for the sensitive docu-drama No Place on Earth…The score was crafted with an appropriate level of sensitivity, avoiding the pitfalls of melodrama and overstating the dire emotions of the film’s subjects, and there are a handful of cues where Piscitello allows for a little lightness.

Film Music Magazine (June Soundtrack Pick):

It’s almost disarming how pleasant John Piscitello’s documentary score is when you think that it’s for a Holocaust movie about Ukrainian Jews who find shelter, and safety from the Holocaust in the bowels of a giant, utterly dark cave. While Piscitello evokes the string-shivering danger of the depths these survivors are reduced to, the main feeling that “Earth” evokes is a hauntingly beautiful nostalgia for a past

The main use of the surround channels is to give “air” to the restrained, poignant and classical score by John Piscitello.

Paste Magazine:

John Piscitello’s graceful score hits all the right notes, showcasing more melody and timbre than most documentary scores allow for.

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