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May I share a bit of epic music I produced for The Trials of Apollo book trailers? Somehow I managed to play both recorder and metal guitar on it.

This one has my friend Rachel Mellis on flute, and me on recorder. Who’s the better woodwind player?


This one’s got some great sound design:


This one’s just mean ;-):


On Amazon:

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Cinema Palettes takes stills from famous movie scenes, then extracts 10 shades to build a color palette. I love the thought and care that goes into the color in these shots.

Next studio I decorate, I’m going with Trainspotting. 😉



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Adult Swim broadcasts bizarre 3am comedy one-offs from time to time. This one is worth your time, a parody of late 70s/early 80s era of synth greats Vangelis, Wendy Carlos, and Giorgio Moroder. Somebody really knew their obscure references.

With a save-the-world ending that is a little reminiscent of the Revenge of the Nerds (composed by, yes, *that* Thomas Newman).

Anyway, a fun way to take a dive into classic synth history.


Live at the Necropolis: Lords of Synth:


Vangelis, 1492:


Wendy Carlos, Beauty in the Beast:


Giorgio Moroder, Midnight Express:


Thomas Newman, Revenge of the Nerds:

Posted 2 years ago by John Piscitello